Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i know many of u know dis thing,tracing some1 but i vl tell u here many new nd exiting ways.
let's start.
first of all,vat is d need we have 2 trace any1?
see,suppose dt u vant 2 hack anywebsite or 2 any person then d most imp. thing is 2 get his ip address.
untill d moment u vl nt be knowing his id address how can u do anything?
here i vl teach u only tracing ip address. attacks vl come in future.
let's start ,be prepared 4 knowing many new ways 2 trace any1.
click on start>run>type cmd>hit enter
tracert websitename
hit enter
now some information vl come automatically
u vl see written der[mind written in blue clr]
tracing route 2 wensite name[ip address of d website]

nd then many more things.
yes nw u successfully got d ip address of d is really very easy.
d line vch i hv written in blue clr vl be d first line automatically came nd in dt first line u may see d ip address of d in second line u vl see written.
over a maximum hops of 30
explanation of hopes nd dis thing------------>see,wenever u open any website u just send some data 2 dt website 4 vch dt website replies u nd den u send some data gain nd dis process continues ,nw suppose dt after of writing tracert ,ur data packets reached 2 ,now google vl try 2 reply u,bcoz google is a very big website ,it take help of many servers ,replies 4m google vl come 4m dese servers .
now look at ur command prompt.der u can see written tracing vd a maximum of 30 u r getting ip address of d servers 4m vch datas r processing 2 u .
here u vl see * dis sign in some places,here they have fixed firewall,so dt u cann't attack easily.
written * means der is a firewall,bcoz tracing any1 is very easy,der4 de webmaster fix some firewalls so dt no1 ud be able 2 attack on dem properly.
i think u ppl r geting me.


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